This scallywag first started working in THis very salon, back in 2004, Friday evenings from Ripon Grammar School. Now a few years on, the 14yr old “Skivvy” has climbed the riggs to “Captain of the ship”. Now he may look like an old seadog, but he’s a few years younger than you may think.

Gaining a boom of experience and knowledge through working at prestigious named salons in Leeds and Harrogate in the interim. But shiver me timbers he’s sailed back home!

In hairdressing Billy is a huge all-rounder, that really loves using his flair putting hair-up. Be even more amazed when you let him give you a funky fashion colour with a creative cut as a base.

With qualifications in Business Studies and Care, experience in selling businesses in the Financial Advisory sector and working with dementia in a nursing home. This salon owner has a few extra sails for his ship.

You may find this loving father of his children, dog, cat Dave and parrot with them all playing his fiddle, in his morris dancing outfit on a rugby pitch.

“This Swashbuckling Seadog loves his rum!”

Billy Burgin – Feb 20something


“THe Pirate Dog!” (Now sadly missed)

Never forgotten, Bobby was the loyalest best friend you could ever meet. He was in everyday, but either up in the crow’s nest, steering the wheel of the ship or enjoying the warm sea breeze out back, where he was regularly known to sneak next door for treats at the Pet Shop, the little scallywag. But he would, on quieter evenings come and sit beside you, under your feet and pop his head on your lap for strokes and attention.

“RRRRRRrrrr Woof!”

1st May 2009 to 5th Jan 2022

Mr Rainbow

“THe Captain’s Parrot!”

Flying about in the sea breeze our chattiest member here Mr Rainbow doesn’t land on deck in the salon often, but when he does come to say “Ello!”, he’s the absolutely the life and soul of the party, and also very friendly. If you’d love to meet and speak to him, and see his tricks, just let Billy know and he’ll bring him in at a quieter time so that MrR can be suitably supervised.

“Peekaboo, what you doing?!?”

Mr Rainbow – ALL the freakin’ time from 2016

THe Tropicals

“THe Calm Zone”

Our fishy friends bring even more colour to the ship, and a tranquil sense of calm as they cruise round the coral.


THe Fish – chilling on the reef since 2022
Talking Heads